November Empties

I told you I cheated a little this month, because the Essence mascara isn't actually empty. In fact, I have only used it once. I put it on and was about to bike into work when my eyes started burning and I had to wipe my entire eye makeup off. Definitely not recommended for anyone with sensitive eyes! I will give this one away to friends or family so as not to waste it.  A bit of a mixed bag of empties here. The natural and high end products are performing well, but the cheaper stuff isn't really up to scratch this month.

I love reading a great empties post on other beauty blogs and writing them myself, as finishing a product really means you have a decent opinion on the product. I have cheated a little this month, as one of these products isn’t actually empty.

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This Season’s hottest eye shadow: Moss it Over

HM High Impact Eye Colour in Moss it Over Green (1)

I am usually a neutral kinda girl when it comes to my eye shadow. Browns, beige tones, and perhaps a hint of pink here and there are definitely my safe zone. I rather surprised myself with a longing for a green eye shadow when fall came around and I ended up purchasing a solo shadow from the new H&M Beauty Department: Moss it Over.

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Lovely Lavender Water by Melvita

Melvita Lavender floral water toner natural

My love of roses is no secret – I even incorporated it in the name of my blog – but I am as big a fan of lavender. I love the way it looks, but the smell has never truely been my thing even though is has some great skincare properties. I decided to order this Lavender Floral Water by Melvita to see how it would work for me.

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