Spring Makeup Dilemmas

The spring make-up collections are slowly appearing on blogs and in stores and I am loving it. I cannot wait for lovely spring weather, dresses, pastel nails, and some amazing LE make-up products.

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First Impressions: Ren Skincare

Ren skincare vita mineral eye gel moisturiser beauty shot cleansing gel

Pure and simple seems to be the Ren philosophy. Natural ingredients in efficient packaging with a great clean look. I had tested some Ren products previously, but today I want to share my first impressions on four skincare mini’s I have put through their paces.

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Edinburgh Highlights

Edinburgh fav selfie

Edinburgh has earned its reputation as a magical city. I spend a lovely week wondering the city streets and attractions and wanted to share my highlights with you. As you can tell from my favorite selfie of the trip, the weather was about what you expect from Scotland in January though I also had some amazing clear and sunny days. Today, I’ll show you my favorite things to do and next week I’ll share some photos of two amazing hikes I took in and near the city. 

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First Impressions: Lord and Berry

lord&berry eyeliner sparkle black lipliner nude maxi matte crayon lipstick intimacy

Lord and Berry is a brand I discovered though the Look Fantastic Beauty Boxes. I love the look of their products on other blogs and the brand aesthetics, but had somehow never gotten around to ordering anything. Happily I found three different products in various beauty boxes, giving me a great introduction to the brand.

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