Get to Know Me

The absolutely amazing Karen  from Confetti and Curves, a.k.a. my blogging twin as we share so many beauty obsessions, did an amazing tag called Get to Know Me on her blog and nominated me to do it as well. You can read Karen’s funny answers right here. Let’s get started shall we:


What is your middle name?

I don’t actually have one. Sore point, actually, because as a child adults always assumed I didn’t understand their question while I was telling the truth.


 What was your favourite subject at school?

History! I loved being transported to different times and places.


 What is your favourite drink?

Green tea during the week and a glass of cider or wine in the weekend. If I am feeling naughty, I might reach for a shot of Baileys.


What is your favourite song at the moment?

Renegades by X Ambassadors has been stuck in my head all week.


What’s your favourite food?

I don’t even know where to start… sushi and any type of dessert involving chocolate if you make me pick.


 What is the last thing you bought?

The most amazing pale blue maxi dress to wear to my best friend’s wedding in the fall. Here’s H&M’s official shot of it:

get to know me tag dress hm
Image courtesy of H&M

Favourite book of all time?

Impossible: I can’t even pick a favourite author, let alone a favourite book. Again, if I really have to I would go Stephen King’s entire body of work.


What is your favourite colour?

Bordeaux red.


Do you any pets?

Not at the moment, but I would love a cat or two.


Favourite perfume?

Cartier’s Baiser Volé


Favourite holiday?

A road trip through the Scottish Highlands with my parents in 2012. What an amazingly beautiful place!

get to know me scotland

Absolutely favourite destination ever has to be London though! I just feel so at home whenever I visit and there is always something new or different to explore.


Are you married?



Have you ever been out of the country, if so how many times?

I have been very fortunate to travel for work through the Caribbean and the US and I love going on short breaks all across Europe. Typical case of wanderlust.


Do you speak any other language?

I am a native Dutch speaker and obviously English isn’t a problem either. I have basic knowledge of Spanish and can read in French and German (but speaking those last two is rather tricky).


How many siblings do you have?

Just one: my ‘little’ brother (please read that with a sarcastic inner voice, the boy is 1.90 cm/ 6’ 3’’).


What is your favourite shop?

IKEA. Is that horrible? As a beauty blogger surely I should answer Sephora or something. I honestly love those giant blue and yellow warehouses full of useful and innovative design, though moving house last year means I have visited it more often than advisable.


 Favourite restaurant?

I recently visited sushi restaurant Sumo in Rotterdam’s Market Hall: great sushi and great location. Here we are before enjoying our meal with the mandatory selfie.

get to know me tag sumo

When was the last time you cried?

Yesterday while watching John Oliver’s take on the Republican convention. I honestly manage to cry at everything from comedy to drama: I think I actually cried a little watching Inside Out.


Favourite blog?

Again, can’t really pick a single winner. I love all beauty blogs 😀


Favourite movie?

The Green Mile and Schindler’s List are obviously up there (and obviously I cried during both), but I also love lighter movies like Guardians of the Galaxy.


Favourite TV Shows?

Game of Thrones is a current favorite and I absolutely love House of Cards as well.


PC or MAC?



What phone do you have?

A Samsung… something. It’s quite old and needs to be replaced badly. I have been eyeing that lovely new I Phone SE.


How tall are you?

1.69 cm or 5’6” tall, which is about the national average here in the Netherlands.


Can you cook?

Yes, though I admit going out for dinner is one of my guilty pleasures.


I absolutely loved thinking about these questions and I hope it was just as fun to read. I am not going to be nominating anyone in particular: feel free to do this tag and let me know in the comments so I can read your version!


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