Blog and Life Update No 2

Whoops, that hiatus was a little longer than I had planned originally. So sorry for my absence on the blog, but life has been all kinds of crazy – though thankfully of the wonderful variety.


First off all, I would like you to meet Bob. I wish I could keep him, but he belongs to my parents and I am just taking care of him during their holiday abroad. These last few days I have discovered, however, that a far more accurate description would be to say that my parents belong to Bob. He might be pretty, but has a matching diva personality and enjoys having his every whim catered too immediately (even if it is 4 am).dsc06448


Besides el Bob and being back in the place I grew up for a bit (which is weird, but a great opportunity to take some photos of the environment), I have also started my new job working at the new T-Rex exhibit at my local Natural History museum. It is so much fun interacting with the public on a daily basis and even more fun to see how a museum operates behind the scenes. It has been a steep learning curve though and I have been a little too busy to blog.



Not to worry, as the second anniversary of Doves & Roses is coming up in October (I honestly can’t believe it but I double checked). I hope things will get a little more settled and normal service on the blog should resume with a bang on October third with a lovely giveaway as a thank you for sticking with me.dsc06465

I’ll start catching up with all of your blogs and comments this week, so stay tuned and I’ll be in touch!


Copper and Paste: Catrice Stylo Eyeshadow Pen

Catrice Stylo Eyeshadow pen 030 Copper and Paste

Catrice is usually on top of their product names and Copper and Paste is no exception. Great pun for this l0nglasting copper eyeshadow pen with a metallic finish. Does the rest of this live up to that great name?

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