My little Boots Haul!


During a recent work trip to Canterbury, I was lucky enough to have a couple of hours off to explore the city. What a lovely place! I also managed to squeeze in a quick visit to Boots to grab some great beauty goodies.

First and foremost on my list was the Loreal True Match foundation in 1.5N Linen. I absolutely adore this foundation formula: the medium finish is natural and lasts well throughout the day. Unfortunately, the color I bought previously, 2C Rose Vanilla, was just a little to dark and too pink for me. I had already decided to buy the slightly too light 1N version when I noticed the UK market has a color I have never seen here at home: 1.5N. A little swatching at Boots proved it was the perfect shade for me, so I couldn’t be happier with this foundation. Just up the game and make this shade available in the Netherlands as well Loreal!


I also couldn’t resist an offer on Real Techniques products and bought the most recent additions to their line: the Bold Metals Collection Miracle Diamond Sponge and the Mini Eraser Sponges. I love the marble effect on the first sponge and I am really looking forward to how these compare to my much loved Miracle Complexion Sponge (also known as the orange egg I can’t live without).


I also had a little foray into Primark, because I just couldn’t resist. I picked up some lovely floral transfers. I always love tattoos on other people, but can never commit myself to a particular design, so this is a nice compromise. I am also really looking forward to seeing how these luxurious soft facial cloths hold up when washed a few times. Will keep you posted on all of these lovely new goodies!



5 thoughts on “My little Boots Haul!

  1. fivezero October 11, 2016 / 1:07 am

    Very fun haul! Glad you were able to find a perfect foundation match – I really like the True Match foundation.


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