Caring for weak nails

caring for weak nails with herome glass nail file and essie

My nails have been acting up horribly these past few months. I have to admit that the amount of typing I have been doing hasn’t been easy for them, but it is no excuse for continuing to split at the weirdest places or just breaking completely. I hope I have found the answer though.

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NOTW: Essence What a grey-t night!

Essence 04 What a grey-t night nail polish (2)

Starting this week with another unique shade of grey nail polish by Essence: What a grey-t night! This light grey has an interesting mother of pearl effect that shimmers and adds another dimension to this polish.

Essence 04 What a grey-t night nail polish

There is a fine golden lustre in the polish that makes it look a little more taupe than grey and gives your nails a great shimmer without being too glittery. Unfortunately, this Essence polish doesn’t last very well on my nails, although a decent top coat helps prolong the wear. Still, a great way to test new colors or find these great unique shades for a bargain price.

Essence 04 What a grey-t night nail polish

Deze week beginnen we met nog een unieke grijze nagellak van Essence: What a grey-t night! Deze licht grijze lak heeft een glimmend parelmoer effect dat echt een andere dimensie aan het lakje geeft.

Essence 04 What a grey-t night nail polish

De fijne gouden glans in de nagellak zorgt ervoor dat de kleur wat meer taupe dan grijs overkomt en geeft een mooie subtiele glans. Helaas blijft deze Essence lak niet lang zitten op mijn nagels, maar een goede top coat helpt wel om de lak langer mooi te houden. Toch een leuke manier om nieuwe kleurtjes te testen of unieke kleuren te vinden voor een bodemprijsje.


Christmas Nails Made Easy

Christmas nails berry red green topcoat gold white snow

Christmas is a lovely time of year, but between the menu planning and shopping for groceries and gifts I have little time to spare on my nails. I love all of the Christmas nail art that has been going around on Pinterest, but who has the time?! Here are some quick and simply ideas for festive nails that take no time at all.

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