Blue love: Soigne Clitoria Ternatea five free polish

Soigne Botanique Clitoria Ternatea five free nail polish

Lovely deep blue nail polish, silly name! Google informed me Clitoria Ternatea is a plant with beautiful blue flowers in the same hue as the polish, so the name makes sense for a company like Soigne producing natural nail polish. Still, not the easiest to remember or type, so perhaps the brand should spend a little more time on thinking up suitable yet cute names.

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Polish Pick: Truffe by Soigne


Soigne Botanique five free nail polish in truffeIf you have read a few of my polish picks before, you may have noticed I am not a summer polish kinda girl. I love pastel shades with a grey undertone (think Farrow and Ball colors for nails), deep jewel tones, and dark shades. Not your typical bright summer fair, but I continue to rock them nonetheless. So, it shouldn’t really surprise you I have been wearing dark grey Truffe on my nails all week and I absolutely love the color.

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Polish Pick: Couvert by Soigne Botanique

Soigne Botanique Couvert Natural Five Free Nail Polish

My polish pick for the week is the beautiful Couvert by Soigne Botanique. These natural polishes are five free and predominantly natural, but still great to work with. The formula has great consistency, not too runny and easy to apply, and doesn’t smell as chemical as normal polishes.

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Polish Pick: Soigne Glacage Turquoise

Soigne Botanique five free nail polish deep blue Glacage Turquoise

As an avid nail polish wearer and fan of green beauty, I have been looking around for a more natural alternative to my much beloved Essie polishes. I came across the beautiful range of polishes produced by Soigne Botanique and simply couldn’t resist giving them a go. I showed you my haul last week, but today I want to talk a little more about Glaçage Turquoise and my first impressions on how this five free nail polish.

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Soigne Polish Haul

Soigne botanique five free nail polish haulEver since growing my nails after an awful biting habit, I have absolutely adored nail polish. I love experimenting with different colours and brands, but I was definitely curious about the new wave of five free polishes (beauty blogger code for brands without carcinogenic components). When a great offer by Soigne Botanique landed in my inbox, I took it as a sign and ordered some of their polishes.

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